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Return of the Mac

Replify has always taken the stance that we should support WAN Optimization to the edge of the network if we can - and for us that means to the end user. Users will receive the benefit of optimization and accelerated applications wherever they are - even if that means on a Mac!

Replify – a software only WAN Optimization vendor

Replify is a software only WAN Optimization vendor. We are not as well known as some of our competitors such as Riverbed or Silverpeak but we are told by our customers that we are one of the few vendors that were interested in integrating our technology into their product range and doing some bespoke integration.

Internet of Cars

We blogged last year about planes, trains and automobiles but we never mentioned cars. We currently have Replify installed on boats, planes and trains. We think the next part of this deployment would be to install Replify in cars.

What makes Replify Accelerator a compelling alternative to a Riverbed Steelhead?

Riverbed perhaps have more protocol coverage than Replify but we’ve been told by some of our customers that the core optimization engine is just as good.

You’re Havana laugh

With more Cubans having access to the internet and expecting ever increasing capabilities, a lot of expensive infrastructure investment will be required. Hand in hand with this will be a requirement for WAN optimization.

Birds eye view of WAN Optimization

The Replify Accelerator product is a bit like a seagull - seagulls have evolved over the years to adapt to city living. Replify is also easily adaptable. The technology can be seamlessly integrated into other products such as hardware appliances as we know that customers want a more complete offering - or the product can be rebranded to your own livery if required.