Replify has partnered with Exinda, a global supplier of WAN Optimization products, to provide application acceleration to mobile workers.  Replify’s  WAN Accelerator product complements Exinda’s appliance based solutions, using data reduction and application acceleration techniques. This is used to remove unnecessary WAN traffic and reduce expensive bandwidth costs. Combined with Exinda’s appliance family, Replify’s software-only mobile Accelerator offers an affordable,  unrivaled user experience that’s easy to deploy and easy to manage.

How Replify’s WAN Accelerator product benefits Exinda

“We are very excited to be adding Replify’s Accelerator product to our x60 WAN Optimization Appliance solution. We believe Replify’s software approach provides a powerful, cost effective application acceleration enhancement for a mobile workforce.  The Replify solution fits easily into our virtual machine environment. It demonstrates the first example of how organizations deploying Exinda appliances will be able to reduce WAN data effectively whether to a branch office or remote worker.” said Kevin F. R. Suitor, Exinda’s vice president of marketing. “The software-only approach allows Exinda to provide customers with much improved user experience for mobile clients and can be deployed on an Exinda x60 Appliance virtual container, risk free in minutes. We are delighted to have the Replify product as part of our portfolio.”

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