January 2011

The Book is dead…

Amazon's results reveal that it is now selling more e-books than actual paperbacks. It looks as if it will soon be more than paperbacks and hardbacks combined. The book is soon to be extinct

Super Symmetry

I'm kicking myself for leaving out one further key characteristic of the ideal WAN Optimization technology for Cloud: Symmetry.

work placement year student: individual WAN optimization

The Case for Personal WAN Optimization

Jeff Aaron from Silver Peak suggested in his comment to my last blog that individual WAN Optimization was of no real value. I've heard this view before, and sometimes from surprising quarters and from people who you might think would know better.


Rackspace just announced a deal with Akamai to provide optimization for their cloud services. I simultaneously went "yay!" and "ouch!".

Bufferbloat? Are we all going to die?

Bob Cringely has posted an interesting article on his blog concerning a phenomenon called bufferbloat. It predicts dire consequences for the internet caused by the increasing amount of packet buffering in network devices, combined with larger and larger data transfers.