February 2011

Replify CLAN to be Launched at Internet World 2011

Replify will be formally unveiling its CLAN technology at Internet World in May this year. The event, held at Earl's Court in London, hosts over 300 solution providers and 12,000 visitors, combining five shows in one event.

A Skiers guide to WAN Optimization

This week I'm spending a lot of time shuffling slowly forward in queues for ski-lifts and it has dawned on me that much of the behaviour of wide area networks (WANs) is paralleled in the world of skiing

Time to get personal

Just over 10 years ago I read an article on Jeff Bezos, the founder of Amazon in which he talked about focusing on making Amazon the most customer centric company. 

Taxing your patience

We've recently done some work with a US customer experiencing exactly the problem we're focused on solving: individual remote workers who can't use the company's applications from outside the office.