March 2011

Think Squirrel, Think Nuts.

A few months ago I blogged about how I wanted someone to provide on-line cloud storage for all my digital assets, and in particular my music, well Amazon have taken the first step by announcing their cloud locker.

I like offload, and I like acceleration, but which is better?

well, there's only one way to find out...FIGHT! Ok apologies for invoking a TV show known only in the UK (Harry Hill's TV Burp) but it seemed a good way to frame the question.

Bring Cloud down to earth and you get… f**

A few months ago I asked whether it was possible for the promotion of cloud to get any any more overwhelming and relentless. Well clearly it was - coming back to my mailbox after a day on the road, and 80% of the bulk mail is invitations to read, listen to, join, buy or in some other way immerse my self in something cloudy.

Replify Accelerator 3.6.

Replify Accelerator 3.6

We’re in the final regression test cycles for Replify Accelerator 3.6.  I’ve only one test cycle left, as I like to say...

So what’s new?

I've been catching up on white papers, blogs and digests and a few things stand out. Firstly, steady stream of data showing continued growth in teleworking. 5% of US Federal workers now telework, and the number is over 10% if you consider only those who are eligible to do it. Also 22% of Federal employees telework some of the time. No surprises there - people who telework are happier, more loyal, more flexible and tend to work more hours than expected rather than fewer (just don't ask how they're dressed, you probably don't want to know).

Bufferbloat Take 2

A few months ago I blogged on the phenomenon of "bufferbloat" which a growing number of network experts and commentators are flagging as a serious problem within network devices today.

EMA award Replify “Best Mobility Strategy”

EMA, an industry analyst, has just released their EMA WAN Optimization Radar Report I listened to their webex yesterday and I've read the report and it's pretty interesting.