EMA, an industry analyst, has just released their EMA WAN Optimization Radar Report.  I listened to their webex yesterday and I’ve read the report and it’s pretty interesting.  I’ve never met an analyst that I totally agreed with, but I think they’ve done a good job. Most importantly, they’ve recognised that this isn’t a commoditised space. And there isn’t a strict hierarchy of products. With the best also being the most expensive.  In practice needs vary considerably and you should evaluate at least two options and pay no more than you have to for those features you actually need.  The summary of the report is available free from their site.

Best Mobility Strategy

I feel they may have underestimated the breadth of our capability a little. I guess all the vendors will feel that way to a degree. But I think they described our strategy clearly. I was delighted that we were awarded “Best Mobility Strategy” based on our leadership in the remote and mobile user space. That is indeed our focus. It’s a significant and rapidly growing proportion of enterprise knowledge workers and the main players pay relatively little attention to it. In some cases offering much reduced functionality compared to their site-level WOCs.  When we release CLAN later this year, we’ll take the mobility play to a whole new level and close the gap between site and individual acceleration results.