June 2011


I've been catching up on news digests over the last few days and a couple of things caught my eye. Firstly, Vint Cerf, usually referred to as "the father of the internet" is suggesting that the need for streaming (as in content) will be obviated by massive increases in network bandwidth.

When is a door not a door?

When it's a jar. An old joke but JAR is a new company and I thought I should bring them to your attention.

Internet World presentation available

It's taken a while but we finally have the recording of our presentation and demo at Internet World available for viewing.

data optimization. accelerate data passing via protocols

Replify Accelerates Data Passing Over Protocols

In my last blog I referred to Riverbed's complaint that BlueCoat were abusing data to make their products look better than Riverbeds. Today I find that a potential customer has been told by Riverbed that we only accelerate a fraction of the applications they do, because we are a Virtual Appliance.

It’s my party and I’ll rant if I want to

I reached a new decade age-wise recently, and I think that's a good excuse to sound off about something. iPads. So full disclosure here - I don't like Apple. Or maybe I don't like the way other people do like Apple.