August 2011

Lausanne my religion

Replify Accelerator 4.0 (codenamed Lausanne) ships at the end of this week so it seems appropriate to let you all know what you're going to be getting.

Driving down bandwidth

I was recently asked to contribute some sound bites about WAN optimization for a report in a technology journal. One of the questions set to prompt my comments was "Should I just buy more bandwidth, or will WAN optimization solve the problem more effectively?"

CEO Profile

Replify's CEO, Brian Baird, has been profiled on SyncNI

Thirty years older…

Haven't had time to blog for a couple of weeks. Firstly working on release 4.0 of Replify Accelerator (I'll cover the release next week) and secondly I've been on vacation for two weeks. Thirty years ago as a student I came on a back-packing, inter-railing, trip to Switzerland.