November 2011

Like SharePoint only fast

The Enterprise Content Management war is over. It couldn't have been foreseen, but it wasn't won by Opentext or Documentum or Filenet, or any of the companies that defined the space originally.

Dear Santa

Network World have just run an item on IT professional's favorite products. I wouldn't have guessed it, but in the list you'll find 2 WAN Optimization controllers, 2 Application Delivery Controllers and a couple of network monitoring technologies.

Update on Bufferbloat

It's been a while since I mentioned bufferbloat. Dave Taht and his team continue to work on tools to explore the problem.

Gartner’s key IT trends for 2012

Gartner have identified their key IT trends for 2012. Nothing terribly surprising: cloud, virtualization, big data, social networks and energy costs are all in there. Interestingly though, in-line de-duplication gets a mention as part of the big data story, and I wouldn't have foreseen a key element of WAN optimization finding its way into the list.

Too Late

Network World have an article on WAN optimization hardware vs. WAN optimization services I broadly agree with the statements but can't help feeling the comments are about two years too late in coming.


So what’s next?

We're now into our second sprint of the Replify Accelerator 4.1 release and it seems timely to share our plans. We build our releases around themes and the two themes in this release are CLAN and Speed.