June 2012

Erlang programming language

Erlang Programming Language, Erlang May Yer Lum Reek

Several years ago we made the choice to implement the core of our technology using a relatively new programming language called Erlang. There were some risks in the choice, not least the lack of skills in the marketplace, but we've seen the choice validated again and again.

cisco - best wan optimization vendor in the world - replify

Probably the best WAN Optimization Vendor in the World?

Dear Customer, I am contacting you because you are currently listed in our database as “do not contact”

The Dehydrated Enterprise

My brain is trained to spot the word "de-duplication" in an email, brochure or web page, the same way some kids can find Wally in a crowd in 5 seconds flat. About half the time though, my initial interest is wasted because it turns out to be a reference to storage de-duplication.

Historic Moment

We've been very excited over the last few days as a glorious event drew near. The Olympic Torch passed our office and a flotilla of a thousand ships filled the Thames. A kindly old woman in a hat waved at a lot of people (in HD) and Paul McCartney croaked horribly like one of the frogs from his frog chorus.