I’ve been known to make the occasional disparaging remark about Apple. It’s not that I don’t think their products are well designed, well-made or sexy. (they are all that), it’s more that I’m uneasy with the “cult” of Apple. And their desire to close and control the ecosystem.  But then I’m also not a fan of Fox Network, Scientology and the North Korean government so there’s probably something wrong with me.  No probably about it in fact.

Mac and Linux Clients

But, there are many many Mac users out there who love their MacBook and we have good news for them. – we’re just about to ship a Replify Accelerator Client for Mac. And just to balance things out, we’re simultaneously going to ship a client for Linux. So now Mac and Ubuntu users need no longer watch, crestfallen, as their Windows using colleagues enjoy accelerated access to corporate data, applications, email and web sites.  They can experience the best mobile wan acceleration on the market, without giving up that feeling of superiority that both Apple and Linux users feel. (for completely different reasons).

They’ll even be able to CLAN with users of other PCs. Imagine that – Mac, Windows and Linux users securely sharing cached data to boost productivity and user satisfaction.  Overcoming their fear and distrust of one another to discover the joy of collaboration in pursuit of noble objectives. I’m choking up just thinking about it.

All together now “I’d like to teach the world to sing…”