Ensuring your data is backed up and safe from outages is a vital task for an enterprise and most will have some sort of backup and recovery mechanism in place.  But to make the backup really safe, you want the data to be somewhere other than where it’s being generated and consumed .- otherwise a site-wide incident will take the backup down along with the live system. Unfortunately this means the backup has to go across a WAN. And it’s almost certainly a significant whack of data which needs to be transferred. – eating away at time and bandwidth.


Bandwidth costs money. And having enough to ensure that your backup fits into the available window is expensive. Plus adding bandwidth alone won’t help if high latency is throttling the data network. This is where WAN optimization software will eliminate inefficient redundant data, compress and optimize traffic protocols.  This will reduce your backup or recovery time significantly. Also provide up to 90% savings in data volume.  One customer reported a backup time of over 3 hours, but after using Replify, this was reduced to just over 2minutes!

Vision Solutions Disaster Recovery Software Double-Take (now Carbonite), is now using Replify Accelerator.  The combination means that windows back-ups are eliminated and the recovery time for data protection is significantly improved.  The Replify Accelerator optimizes and accelerates data transfer across WANs and since it’s a software only solution, no additional hardware need be deployed.

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