Ensuring your data is backed up and safe from outages is an important task but one that most of us forget about or put off until a later date. But if you’re organised and sensible then you will most likely have some sort of data backup and recovery mechanism in place.

Depending on how much information you are trying to backup/recover, this could be a significant whack of data which needs to be transferred across the WAN eating away at time and bandwidth.

Adding bandwidth alone won’t solve any latency issues on your network so using WAN optimisation software will reduce inefficient redundant data, compress and optimise traffic protocols. This will speed up your backup or recovery time significantly and also provide up to 90% savings in data volume.

Enormous backup times

One customer has reported a backup time of over 3hours, but after using Replify, this was reduced to just over 2minutes using Netapp! A leading UK IT Managed Services company is now using Replify Accelerator along with their Netapp appliances for backup replication.

The combination means that windows back-ups are eliminated and the recovery time for data protection is significantly improved over the WAN. The Replify Accelerator optimises and accelerates data transfer across WANs and since it’s a software only solution, no additional hardware is required.