Replify is pleased to announce that it has become an Associate Member of the Centre for Secure Information Technology (CSIT). CSIT is a thought leader in secure information technology research with a network of commercial & research partnerships and a portfolio of successful technology transfer from academy lead research into industry.  CSIT is based at Queens University Belfast. CSIT is active in a range of areas including SDN, Big Data, Wireless and Security.

Members list

Replify joins an impressive list of members and through its membership will be able to access world-leading research and innovation. ¬†Replify has already partnered with Queen’s University Belfast to develop new techniques in WAN Optimization and Application Acceleration and through CSIT we will achieve further advances in the fields of mobile devices, SDN integration and others.

You can read more about Replify and our exicting and innovative WAN Optimization technology on our website.

CSIT membership