June 2013

Seeing the Software Light?

WOC Watchers have had some entertainment over the last few days as Riverbed and Aryaka throw rocks at one another. When you dig into it, something interesting turns up

We Will Be Assimilated

I'm mangling a quotation when I say that prediction is hard, particularly if it's about the future. Doubly hard when it involves technology because by definition inventions can't be anticipated, and hence all of their transformative effects cannot possibly be foreseen.

G8 Summit Duvet Day

The G8 summit is in Northern Ireland this year. I'm not sure whether to be pleased or not. Yes we host the leaders of the (economic) world, but we will also host about 10,000 professional protesters to join our own rather zealous indigenous protesters about flags, nationality and other things that are too rarely seen in perspective.

Mind Your Ericsson Language

Hi. My name is Sean and I am an Erlang user. I've been using for almost ten years now.