Mobile Client Support

Replify has just launched mobile client support for Windows 8, MAC OS and Android.  The release of the Android client in particular furthers the mobile strategy. Given that the majority of the population now use smartphones and tablets – it is essential to have WAN Optimization on these devices! This means your data will be optimized wherever you go and whatever device you are using. Be it laptop, tablet or smartphone.

Clients for iOS and Windows Surface are in development but beta versions are available. Register your interest at

Replify Overview

Replify provide a software only WAN Optimization solution focusing on remote and mobile workers.  Typical deployment scenarios are applications hosted in the cloud, enterprise using data optimization to reduce the bandwidth consumption across multiple sites and increasing the time taken to access file share applications such as SharePoint, SalesForce etc.

Replify was the first WAN Optimization vendor to release a software only solution. Meaning costs can be kept to a minimum and deployments can be on existing hardware.  Replify have flexible payment options, such as; pay monthly for our Speed as a Service model. Which means your return on investment is just as quick as the benefits you will see as soon as Replify technology is enabled!

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