To Accelerate Or Not To Accelerate, That Is The Question

When I was at school, like many geeks I had no interest in literature. I had even less interest in the works of William Shakespeare. I failed to see the relevance of studying these dated plays and believed that I would never have any use for them. Little did I know that when I joined Replify, I would encounter his works again when helping to accelerate data.

Replify Application Acceleration Demo

Those of you who have been given a Replify demo are probably familiar with the test document we use which is a document containing the complete works of William Shakespeare. If not, feel free to watch our Replify demo.

The reason we use this text is because it is free to download. It is out of copyright and it is a large document that consists solely of text. This means that it can be compressed really easily and therefore is a good candidate for showing off the Replify Accelerator product.

With a slow link and without WAN optimization, downloading the complete works of Shakespeare was a bit like my young self reading them – a long and tedious experience. With Replify Accelerator in place, this became a bit more bearable. I really should have learned how to speed-read when I was studying.

After Accelerator has cached the works after the first download, subsequent downloads are lightning quick. This is like reading pre-prepared study notes. e.g. Shakespeare’s plays in three panels. You get all the information you need without having to read the play! Plus you will have free time to do more interesting things.

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