Work From Anywhere

This weekend marked the beginning of summer in the Northern Hemisphere with the summer solstice happening on Saturday. This also coincided with some great weather in Belfast. That is a rarity and Belfast people have taken this to their hearts – wandering around the city with sunburnt skin and wearing inappropriately revealing attire. For Replify, we enjoyed the sun thanks to the Replify product allowing us to work from anywhere!

Replify Office

Our office overlooks the beer garden of a local bar and is less than two minutes walk away from the lovely city hall grounds. I often remind my colleagues that we should practice our company’s tagline and work from anywhere.

Both venues are too far away to pick up our WiFi signal, so we’d have to use 3G. That would be slow and costly, but hey, we’ve a way of overcoming this, use WAN optimization! Realistically, the reason we don’t work outside is because we wouldn’t get anything done. This isn’t just because of screen glare from the sun, but also because there would be too many distractions.

The only real use for mobile devices in weather like this is to; check for urgent emails, tell people on Facebook that you are sitting outside or search for more information about what is happening on the big TV.

Over time, this can use up a lot of your data allowance. We generally don’t recommend using WAN optimization to optimize general internet browsing. Except in very high latency and low bandwidth scenarios. However this use of our product is becoming more appealing to our customers. In addition to enabling others to work from anywhere, we’ve a few features coming up in the next few releases that focus on optimising the internet rather than specific application servers.

Keep checking Replify’s blog as more information will be revealed in due course!