September 2014

bash shell security vulnerability

Bash Shell Security Vulnerability

There has been a lot of media coverage recently about a potential security vulnerability affecting the bash shell which is a common shell on Unix or Linux systems. The vulnerability is also called "Shell Shock."

Replify Accelerator

Replify Accelerator: Don’t wait in-line

A question we are often asked when a customer is about to trial Replify Accelerator is whether or not it will impact their network for non-Accelerator users. For most scenarios, the answer is a definitive "No, if anything, it may improve things." The reason we are asked this is because a number of WAN optimization products work "in-line".

network problem or software issue

It’s A Network Problem… Or Is It Software?

Network Problem Diagnosis Long before starting work in Replify, I had a job where I would provide assistance to customers who...