WAN Optimization Products

Do you have a product that sends a lot of data across the WAN? Have you customers whose experience retrieving files or data is impacted by lack of bandwidth? Replify’s accelerator technology could be the answer. Replify’s WAN Optimization technology can seamlessly integrate into your product – giving you the competitive advantage that gives your customers an improved user experience whilst using less bandwidth too.

There are many products on the market that lend themselves to have WAN Optimisation as part of the solution.
Replify has successfully partnered with companies in adjacent spaces to allow them to offer WAN Optimisation as part of their product offering.

Integrate WAN Optimization Technology

As part of your OEM arrangement, you get access to the Replify core development team who can modify the product to suit your needs. Examples of the integration services we have provided to current partners are:

* Reskinning the virtual appliance so that it uses your own company branding

* Provide hooks into the Replify product so that it can be configured using your own product’s existing UI.

* Porting the product so that it works on the same hardware and O.S. as your own product.

* Writing a protocol handler that provides further optimizations that are specific to your own product’s network protocols.

* Bespoke product features required for your solution.

As part of the OEM arrangement, you will also have access to Replify source code and we can train up your own developers, helping them to extend the product on their own. Whatever your requirements, together, we can create a bespoke solution that is right for your business and product.

If you would like more information on our WAN Optimization technology please contact Replify today on sales@replify.com!

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