January 2015

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Revolutionary Data De-duplication Engine

After the terrible events that happened in Paris earlier this month the UK’s Prime Minister, David Cameron said: In our country, do we want to allow a means of communication between people which we cannot read? This utterance was made with the intention of intercepting terrorist communications to prevent further attacks. While his intentions may be honourable, it is obvious the Prime Minister didn’t run this past anyone with an ounce of technical know-how before uttering it.

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Replify Announces Maintenance Release

Improve WAN Optimization Levels We always like to announce the release of a new software version at Replify and its now...

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GoGo’s HTTPS Decryption Issues

Those of you following tech news will have spotted the recent story about GoGo, a company that provides WiFi access on aeroplanes. They had been spotted decrypting customers' YouTube traffic. This is traffic that was requested over HTTPS and therefore that was supposed to be encrypted and free from the prying eyes of others.