Replify 4.4.0

We always like to announce the release of a new software version at Replify and its now that time again.

The new version 4.4.0, is a major ‘Internet Ready’ release along with a few features that will improve the level of optimisation when accelerating the internet.

Features of the New ‘Internet Ready’ Release Include:

* Dynamic SSL – HTTPS traffic can be accelerated without having to manually provide certificate information for each optimized server.

* Enhanced API functionality – Most VA configuration functionality is now available through our new HTTP API.

* Multiple Block Size – The blocks of data we store in our cache can vary for different HTTP content types, resulting in faster and more efficient optimisation.

* Erlang v17.4 and Yaws 1.98 now supported

* Bug fixes

* General product enhancements.

We have two more fantastic releases planned for 2015! One is a performance release where we will dramatically reduce the memory footprint utilized and the second is an adaptive optimisation release where the main content will be around autonomous use of the product –  in other words it will take the user input out of deciding what to optimise!

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