August 2015

‘A’ level playing field

It wasn't that long ago, a year or two that I went back into my old secondary school to give a careers talk on software and engineering. Its a bit of a stuffy all girls school and I hated every minute of it. When people said 'school days are the best of your life' I often thought there wasn't much point living past 18 as it couldn't have got much worse!

replify cache - elephants memory

Elephants never forget, neither does Replify!

Like an elephant's memory, the Replify 'memory' or cache saves data in little chunks. When you visit the same data more than once, the software checks to see if it has this in its cache and if it does, a reference is sent to that chunk of data. This means that you reduce bandwidth and speed up access times!  

website data and police burglar investigations

Helicopter View Of Website Data

A news story emerged this week about a police force only investigating burglaries at odd-numbered houses. Naturally, this caused some outrage amongst...