As you are all aware, Replify was founded and is based in Belfast, Northern Ireland. This is a country that is known throughout the world for the wrong reasons and the perception that people have of the place is often negative and is based on the stereotypes of our politicians and a few minority groups with a chip on their shoulder.

The current big crisis here that is reported on the news is that some members of our mandatory coalition government are refusing to work with other members of the coalition and nothing is getting done (and apart from those who follow political news, no-one is really noticing the difference).

A lesser reported story is a world record that was set this weekend by some engineering students at our local university who built a 100ft bridge made from Meccano. As well as breaking a world record, this task was also meant to showcase how fun STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Maths) subjects can be for children who might like to pursue this for a career and to highlight Northern Ireland’s long history of achievement in this arena.


We have a lot to celebrate, much of which is forgotten. One of our current big tourist attractions is the Titanic museum that celebrates the fact the Titanic was built here. This seems bizarre to many locals as it is just known for sinking (under the watch of an English captain), however we should be celebrating the fact this was one of the largest shipbuilding companies in the world with a fantastic reputation and most of their ships lasted a lot longer than the Titanic.

Other lesser known Science and Engineering facts are that the leading 19th century scientist Lord Kelvin was from here; the first air conditioned building was in Belfast; the portable defibrillator and ejector seat were developed here and the key researcher who developed the Viagra drug was from Belfast too!

At Replify, we are proud of our local scientific heritage and hope we can do our small bit to keep this up (no pun intended) for future generations.