I’ve just returned from a very successful visit to an OEM partner from foreign climes. We’ve worked with this partner for some time, mainly via email as they are in a different time zone from us, however it is always good to get some face to face time.

Remote working is great and something we certainly promote, but it doesn’t compare to getting a group of people with different targets, backgrounds and perspectives around a table. The mix of minds sparks new ideas that we would never have come up with individually.

Additionally, going out with partners and having dinner washed down with large quantities of sake, wine, beer (*delete as applicable) reinforces that personal bond. Knowing that we have ideas, values and interests in common can promote friendships. The value of this cannot be underestimated, certainly when working together under pressure towards an important deadline.

OEM partners

The Replify OEM partner program is both good for Replify and the OEMs themselves. The ideas from one OEM results in a better product that means other OEMs automatically benefit. In general our OEMs don’t compete directly with each other, therefore everyone wins.

If you want to know more about becoming a Replify OEM partner, please contactsales@replify.com for more information.

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