Work Anywhere thanks to Replify Accelerator

As you are probably aware, our tagline is “Work anywhere”,  i.e. Replify Accelerator allows mobile users to work effectively where bad network conditions make this difficult.  We’ve a number of customers who have deployed Replify Accelerator to speed up applications that work slowly in low bandwidth, high latency scenarios.

Within Replify, we feel we’d be hypocritical if we didn’t practice what we preached.  We’ve always been keen to treat our staff well and ensure they have a good work/life balance.  This works for both the company and the employee and we have written about this before.

Due to various circumstances, some of our staff have had occasion to work from home. In fact, more often than usual recently, so we decided to bring the office experience to them.

We’ve setup a machine in the office with a webcam and logged in to a Skype account that auto-answers.  This means that if someone is working from home, they can call the office, see what we are doing, hear what we are talking about and jump into any conversation that they think is interesting or relevant.

Join the Conversation

Likewise, if we have a question, we can just shout someone’s name like we might as if they are in the office.

We don’t insist that the person working from home has their webcam on.  The idea of this being left on automatically and us seeing something that we shouldn’t just doesn’t appeal.

We’ve only started doing this, but the initial feedback has been great.  The person working from home feels less isolated and those in the office still have access to the expertise of the people working at home.  All of this results in keeping our staff motivated and helping the Replify Accelerator product grow from strength to strength.

So far, the only disadvantage we’ve noticed is that while we can still enjoy a Friday beer together, we don’t get the option to compare and contrast each of our beers any more.

If you find working from home difficult due to a bad network connection, please contact us at for more information.

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