Technology Innovator Awards

When I say Replify winning an award – we did technically win an award, however the award is Best Software WAN Optimisation Solution – Belfast for the 2016 Corporate Vision Technology Innovator Awards.  We’re aware that including the word “Belfast” in the title devalues this somewhat – but we’ll still celebrate.

As we are a small software company with a limited budget for marketing, winning an award without having to do much or pay anything is always going to be appealing, however the comprehensive article written about the winner of this Technology Innovator Awards category shows extensive research!

Our product allows companies to reduce bandwidth usage and improve performance with a minimal amount of effort.  There is no doubt about it that we do this better than any other WAN optimization company in Belfast.

OEM Relationships to Integrate WAN Optimization

As you may know, Replify enter OEM relationships, allowing others to integrate WAN optimization technologies into their own product.  Our experience in this area goes way beyond that of Belfast WAN optimisation companies.  We work with a number of international product vendors in this area.

Replify believes products should be judged on their own capabilities, return on investment and ease to work. Rather than how much they are willing to pay some of the larger agencies for marketing material and advertising.

At Replify we know we have a super product. Our customers and partners tell us our technology is on a par with some of the other big WAN optimisation companies when under test.  Instead of relying on the opinion of an advertiser who is tainted by revenue why not do the smart thing and download Replify Accelerator to try it out for yourself? Or contact Replify today to learn more about our product.

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