Replify is a software-only WAN optimization vendor. Our customers often choose Replify as we are one of the only vendors that have the capability of deeply integrating our technology into their existing product range. Over recent years, Replify has built a solid heritage in tightly integrating our WAN optimization software into a wide-range of existing products. In particular, this has given our existing partners access to new markets, a richer feature set and world-class WAN optimization capability.

One of the greatest strengths of the Replify product that appeals to partners is its portability. This has enabled our customers and OEM partners to rapidly deploy on existing infrastructure, reducing capex and headaches for DevOps. Existing deployments range as widely as FreeBSD, CentOS, OpenWRT, Ubuntu, Debian, Mac OS X, and Android.

Advantages of Replify

Replify excels in scenarios where bandwidth is restricted and latency is high such as cloud applications, satellite links (planes, trains and automobiles) and mobile backhaul.

As Replify Accelerator is completely software based, you can deploy on existing hardware and share resources with other applications. No longer do you need a single box dedicated to WAN optimization.

Mobility is also central to Replify’s appeal with remote clients available for a variety of platforms. This does away with a need for an expensive server in each branch office location, with remote users using the Replify client on their mobile devices, laptops, PCs or tablets.

Software-only typically means we are less expensive than hardware alternatives. This eases deployment when it comes to scalability. No need to replace redundant boxes when upgrades are required – just upgrade the Replify license to accept more clients, or add additional Replify nodes.

Replify can integrate the WAN optimization technology into your own product range or simply re-skin it with your own branding. Additionally, we provide our OEM partners with source code, so that they can do this work themselves. Replify experience with this type of work enables OEMs to integrate fast and reduce the time-to-market of their enhanced products. We work closely with our OEMs partners, with dedicated developer resource to make the integration and fast and smooth as possible.

Selecting a WAN Optimization Vendor

When selecting a WAN optimization vendor, it is important to factor in all of the above points: cost; flexibility; software or hardware; and whether you might require mobile optimisation for remote workers. We are more than happy to discuss your requirements so feel free to contact us for further information on trying Replify.