Replify has always taken the stance that we should support WAN Optimization to the edge of the network if we can.  For us that means optimization right to the end user.  Users will receive the benefit of optimization and accelerated applications wherever they are – even if they are a Mac user!

Replify are one of the few WAN Optimization vendors to offer a wide range of mobile clients for Windows, Linux, Android and MacOS.

Mac User to Enjoy Replify

Apple have a tendency to mix things up.  We started looking at Acceleration in their Leopard release. Every new Mac OS X release has involved a change to OS behaviour that affects the way we intercept traffic. In the Yosemite release they removed the ipfw utility that we used for interception.

However we are pleased to be bringing back our Mac client in Replify v5.0.

The Mac client now exposes a SOCKS proxy interface.  This means that Mac OS X applications can use Replify accelerator by simply connecting to this SOCKS proxy.  SOCKS5 is a well established and documented protocol, so we are confident that Apple will continue to support this for many years to come.


In addition to the Mac client, our other clients and Virtual Appliances will also expose a SOCKS proxy (versions 4,4a and 5). This means that any SOCKS aware application can use Replify with minimal configuration.

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