Dr Thomas DiNapoli, the comptroller of the state of New York visited Northern Ireland last week.  The Comptroller has a long time association with Northern Ireland.  This means he understands the untapped potential of the people and businesses in the region.

He is also aware of the history of the province and is keen to see the progress of the last two decades continue.  He passionately believes that one of the strongest ways to break down divisions and promote harmony is through opportunity and jobs.  Indeed, during his recent visit, Ulster University awarded him a degree in recognition of his efforts of promoting investment in the region.

Meeting with Replify

Also, while in Belfast, the comptroller met some of the Replify team.  We were more than happy to explain what we do. We also pointed out that in addition to doing well locally, we also make money for our US partners.  Unfortunately we have none yet in the state of New York, but maybe in the future…

Pictured from left to right are Sean Dempsey, Andrew Caruth, Dr DiNapoli and Ian Cargill.