Like many nerds, when the Raspberry Pi 3 was announced we immediately got one.  Also like many nerds we opened it and cooed at what we got for our money.  We recalled the good old days when a similar amount of power would have cost the same as a family car.

Then to complete our nerdiness, we put it in a cupboard and said “Some day, I’ll do something great with that”.

That day came last week and it was taken out of the box.  We installed Raspbian Stretch and thought “Let’s get Replify Accelerator working on that.”

A few years ago, I undertook the same exercise on one of the older Pis.  It involved checking out the code, commenting out things, doing a few searches and replaces here and there, turning options off etc.  After a few iterations of this we then had Replify Accelerator running on a Pi.

This time, I checked out the code, ran make, waited for a while and I had a Raspbian package that just worked!

Replify Portability and OEM relationships

This shows how all the technologies we use along with our code base has matured.  We’ve always been proud of our ability to get Replify running on a wide range of platforms, but this really does show how easy it is.

So far (apart from the Pi) we’ve deployed on PFsense (FreeBSD), Talari, MacOS, Windows, Linux, OpenWRT, Odroid, Android etc.  All the technologies we use are extremely portable,.  We’re confident that we can work on most modern computing platforms.

Our portability means that we can easily integrate Replify Accelerator into our OEM’s product environments with minimal effort.  Indeed, for our two most recent OEM partners, we got a POC integration up and running within two days of being onsite working with their development team.

This demonstrates just how quickly you can realise value from an OEM relationship with Replify.  You can have a WAN optimization capability embedded in your product in no time.  This allows you to realise ROI within months of signing an OEM deal.

IP Expo Europe

The Raspberry Pi is now our portable WAN Optimisation Controller (WOC).  We take this places for demos or elsewhere when we need WAN optimisation. No need for installation on expensive hardware for us!

Why not come and see it in action at IP Expo (Stand F14) on 4th and 5th October in London Excel arena.