February 16th 2018 is the first day of the Chinese New Year lunar calendar and all over the world Chinese communities will welcome in the Year of the Dog in traditional, colourful and noisy ceremonies.

Within the Chinese Zodiac, the Dog is a true companion, associated with loyalty, honesty, intelligence, and a strong sense of right and wrong.

And as Chinese firecrackers shoot into the night sky is it time to consider if your SD-WAN lacks the bite to deliver a truly optimised experience for your users?


Current enterprise WANs are complex and expensive to manage and maintain. Remote sites and branch offices often suffer due to delays, high provisioning costs and failures due to complexity. With Replify’s pure software-based heritage, adding our WAN optimization technology as a virtual function to your SD-WAN solution couldn’t be easier.

The product is already containerised to fit with the latest trends in virtualisation.  It can be deployed and configured invisibly and automatically to accelerate traffic to/from key applications while reducing potentially high data transport costs on wireless and satellite links. Helping to minimise the cloud data tariffs common to almost all cloud data storage services.

So in this Year of the Dog isn’t it time to consider if your SD-WAN solution needs some extra bark?

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