Software Release: V.5.3.0

Replify are delighted to announce a new minor software release, 5.3.0.  For details on what we have included, please review the release notes which are available online.

We invite customers and partners to upgrade from any version 4.4 or later to this release. If you have a version before 4.4 just drop us an email. Existing customers should contact Replify Support before upgrading to get the activation code for 5.3.0.

Replify Accelerator

The Replify Accelerator product will improve performance for your mobile users accessing items across the WAN, perhaps in the cloud or just in a remote office. Replify also has a Virtual Appliance which is typically deployed either in the cloud or data centre.

Replify has customers who use multiple Virtual Appliances located around the globe.  This allows their users to benefit from a shared cache. When one person downloads a file, subsequent users will automatically retrieve it from the shared cache, thus delivering the file much faster and at times, with almost 100% data offloaded from the WAN in some scenarios.

Why not contact us if you have any questions about our technology or how it might help your business or your end customers.