Replify provides a WAN Optimization product which can be used standalone, re-branded or offered under license to other vendors. One of the key applications for Replify Accelerator is in Visibility and Control – an essential IT function that protects critical high-speed networks against application-level threats.

A Visibility and Control solution has better visibility of what is happening on the network than any employee in the organisation.  Therefore it makes sense to give it control over choosing what traffic should be optimized.

Integration of a Visibility and Control solution with Replify Accelerator results in a really powerful solution that can leverage the benefits of Replify Accelerator with minimal human interaction.  Additionally as the network changes, the configuration of Replify Accelerator can also be adapted to new services that need optimized.

Ease of integration

Integrating Replify Accelerator and your Visibility and Control solution is easier than you think.  Integration into new platforms is our bread and butter.  See OEM with Replify for more details of what we can do.

Our powerful ICE (Intelligent Caching Engine) also extends to other key network applications including mobile backhaul, SD-WAN, line aggregation, cloud acceleration, satellite links and many more. Why not take a look at some of our case studies for more information.

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