Just how much offload are you seeing from your WAN Optimization solution?

Here is some live customer data from the Replify reporting tool, showing the typical data offload on FTP and HTTP connections.

The report shows that for the FTP tests 1.52GB of traffic went across the WAN instead of 2.37GB – this was a saving of 878.99 MB. And for the HTTP connection 48.75MB went across the WAN instead of 20.37GB – a massive saving of 20.32 GB!

Contact Replify today to see how our Intelligent Caching Engine (ICE) can accelerate your WAN and deliver real savings on your networking costs, including satellite links.

Replify is one of the few WAN optimization companies that provides a wide range of mobile clients for use on Windows, MacOS, Linux and Android. Don’t forget we also have a flexible OEM model where it’s possible to integrate the Replify product into your own product suite whether that’s hardware or software.