At the core of the Replify solution is its inherent flexibility allowing the Replify Accelerator to be used in a wide variety of scenarios.  A common question we get asked is, ‘Does Replify support multi-tenancy?’.  Multi-tenancy allows a service provider to provision WAN optimization to several customers in a manner that allows each customer to have control over their own environment without impacting the environment of others.

Thankfully the answer to this question is a resounding “Yes”!

Multi-tenancy with Docker

For version 5.1 of Replify, Docker support was added as a deployment platform. This means that you can run a Replify Accelerator Virtual Appliance as a container. Running the VA as a container means that you get all the functionality of Replify Accelerator without the overhead of having to run a separate virtual machine.

How does this help with multi-tenancy? If running Replify as a container doesn’t have the overhead of running a VM, it means that you can run multiple instances of Replify Accelerator on a single VM without much extra overhead.

And there you have it! A multi-tenanted Replify solution. Each Accelerator container runs in an isolated sandbox giving you:

  • Complete separation of customer data – Customer data will be stored on its own data volume on disk and on its own process in RAM.
  • Complete management control – Each customer can login to the web interface of a VA and see their own data. They will not see sensitive configuration or optimization data from other customers.
  • Complete network separation – Each container can optimize data from their own dedicated network interface.
  • Guaranteed resources –  Each container can have dedicated physical resources such as RAM, CPU, disk and NIC. This ensures a single customer cannot impact the experience of others.
  • Dedicated service windows – You can schedule Replify product updates and customizations at an appropriate time for each customer. Other customers need not be aware that these are taking place.

If you need more detail on how you can use Replify Accelerator in this manner, please contact