Those of you that consider yourselves as remote workers or digital nomads understand the frustrations of working from a cafe, hotel room or even just from home.

Connectivity problems, slow internet, low bandwidth and high latency can all have an effect on the user experience.  Whether it be connecting back into the office’s network or connecting to applications in the cloud like SharePoint Online / Office 365 then you want to ensure your experience is as good as if you were in the office.

The number of people working from home and becoming a digital nomad has increased over the years and the trend looks set to continue.  Surprisingly, Belfast has won the title of Best Urban City for Digital Nomads compared to some of the main cities in the world –

Luckily Replify can help improve any issues with remote working.  Our Replify Accelerator WAN Optimization product can install on your laptop, phone or tablet and then deploy a server instance in the cloud or at your data centre (or both). This optimises the connection between your device and the applications you are accessing.  And as a remote user this means two things – reduced data usage and improved performance/speed.

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