It’s close to midnight and something evil’s lurking in your WAN.

It’s latency, it’s low bandwidth and as application degradation stares you right between the eyes, your network’s paralyzed.

Michael Jackson may not have been wrestling with digital networks with when he penned his famous Thriller, but the spectre of WAN bottlenecks can be terrifying for your end-users and organisation.

Legacy or inadequate WAN infrastructure, long distance connections and oversubscribed links and paths can be ghoulish. No amount of magic wands or secret spells will accelerate this particular spiders web.

Only Replify have a software-only WAN Optimization potion to scare away the ghosts in your Virtual Machine.   Ease of deployment and quick setup times mean you have nothing to fear!  Remember that we are a software only solution and no additional hardware is required – simply install on your existing servers.

Replify’s solution combines Protocol Optimization, Block-level De-duplication and Compression in an elegant, easy to install package designed for both end-user and OEM applications. You can read more at your peril on the Replify website (Our Technology section).

Why not contact us today and put the frighteners up latency, low-bandwidth and degrading application performance.    Your offload will be positively scary!