Spring is always a nice time to move office.  We have chosen to stay within the beautiful surroundings of the Scottish Provident Building on Donegall Square West, Belfast.

We’ve moved to a lovely front facing office overlooking Belfast City Hall. with our Work Anywhere tagline, it was easy to move as it was simply a case of lifting laptops and walking down the corridor!  Replify’s WAN optimization capability means that you can have speedy internet right onto your laptop, tablet or phone anywhere! Watch our video to find out more.

As it is a purely software based solution you don’t need additional hardware, simply deploy the Replify Virtual Appliance onto existing hardware at the head end and download the mobile client onto your end users devices and bingo, you will be seeing fast internet and reduced data consumption.

Scottish Provident Building offer a full range of office options from fully serviced to hot desking and virtual offices. Deploying Replify would be ideal in these environments where you could be in the office one moment and in a coffee shop the next.

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