This is one topic that we are often asked about – can we reduce your Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure or cloud costs.  The answer is yes.

How we do this

Replify has a WAN Optimization product which essentially reduces the amount of data over a network connection. You need to have it installed on both ends of the link.  This isn’t normally an issue as you can easily find out where your Azure or AWS instance is located and spin up a Replify Virtual Appliance in the same location.

So lets assume your scenario is backing up data to the cloud.  You’d have a Replify instance at your office and a Replify instance in the cloud in the same region as your Azure or Amazon instance. This means any traffic will be optimized over this connection when you route it via the Replify Appliances.

Diagram showing Replify Accelerator and applications in a cloud scenario

Replify has intelligent technology that means we can cache data over connections, perform compression and protocol optimization.  All of these features mean that we only send the changes or new data across the connection.

Take the example of a user downloading a document from SharePoint Online which they then share the link with their colleague.  The colleague then downloads this document. Without Replify the entire document would be downloaded again. With Replify, the whole document isn’t sent again – only the changes as the rest of the content is pulled from the local cache. This will provide two benefits – improved speed as the document will be retrieved quicker and also reduced data consumption since the entire document isn’t being downloaded.  Apply this to all the documents in your organisation and the performance benefits and cost savings soon mount up.  You can read more about the techniques we use on the ‘Our Technology’ section of the Replify website.

With Microsoft Azure increasing data centre capacity by 1500% this means more companies will be moving their data to the cloud. To reduce the cost of sending data to the cloud contact us and see where we can help.