Is WAN Optimization Necessary with SD-WAN?

We are often asked if WAN optimization is still something that’s needed now that SD-WAN is available. This question highlights some of the confusion around exactly What is SD-WAN?. People may think that deploying SD-WAN will solve a number (or sometimes all) of their network woes. In some cases this may be true but it is largely up to the customer to determine how much their SD-WAN suite provides them. This is typically done by choosing various Virtual Network Functions that achieve specific tasks within the network such as:

  • Firewall
  • VPN
  • Routing
  • Anti-virus
  • WAN Optimization
  • Visibility and Monitoring
  • Traffic Shaping and QoS

The Role of WAN Optimization

One benefit of SD-WAN is that traditional internet connections can be used thus removing the reliance on costly MPLS links. Broadband internet connections suffer challenges around latency, congestion and bandwidth that Replify’s WAN optimization solves. Replify applies Layer 7 Protocol Optimisation, Caching and Compression to overcome these issues. This is why it’s important to consider WAN optimization when deploying an SD-WAN solution.

WAN optimization may not be applicable to all parts of an organisation. For example, there may be branches that are very well-connected to their data centres, or that have high speed internet links. Replify fits in for those branches and remote workers that have to rely on slower links and who struggle with poor application performance. This can be due to geographical constraints, poor infrastructure or reliance on satellite links.

Replify’s WAN Optimization for SD-WAN

From the start, Replify has focused solely on providing software-based WAN optimization and so SD-WAN represents a perfect fit for the Replify software. Replify can be easily deployed on many SD-WAN platforms as a virtual network function. The flexibility of our approach means that Replify is available on a wide range of platforms and architectures including Debian, Ubuntu, CentOS, Red Hat, Docker, VMWare, Hyper-V, KVM to name but a few!

As well as a branch and data centre solution, Replify offers the Replify Accelerator Client software. This allows remote workers and those who travel frequently to avail of the Replify’s Intelligent Caching Engine (ICE) when on the move. This gives them an experience they’d expect when in a branch office.

Are you an SD-WAN vendor who would like to offer WAN optimization to your customers? Replify specialises in OEM partnerships to deliver a re-branded and deeply integrated WAN optimization solution, complete with fully comprehensive APIs and straight-forward integration. Check out Replify’s SD-WAN Solutions for OEMs for more information or contact us to find out how we can be deployed on the solution of your choice.