Within SD-WAN, virtualization of network (VNF) functions that previously existed on dedicated hardware is a key concept. VNFs are these functions that run within the context of a virtualization platform on the SD-WAN hardware. This can range from a container, such as Docker, to a fully-blown virtual machine, such as KVM. Network function virtualization (NFV) is often used along with VNFs and refers the concept of shifting these hardware functions to a virtual platform.

VNFs enable the host platform to report on, control and combine a multitude of dedicated network tasks ranging from VPNs, Firewalls and Anti-Virus to routing, traffic shaping and WAN optimization. VNFs also play a key part in reducing the effort to provision SD-WAN solutions and features. By presenting their configuration, provisioning and reporting through easy-to-use APIs, VNFs can be quickly applied and removed to satisfy customer needs and network demands.

Replify’s VNF Advantage

For Replify, providing WAN optimization as a VNF is a natural fit. Producing a software based WAN optimization solution was a key goal for Replify when we started in 2006. The inherent flexibility of the Replify software lends itself well to deployment on SD-WAN platforms as a VNF. WAN optimization as a VNF has been identified many times by analysts, vendors and customers as a key feature to consider when choosing an SD-WAN solution. Replify can address this need.

Replify’s OEM licensing model allows SD-WAN vendors to include the Replify technology as a VNF. This adds world-class caching, compression and protocol optimization technology to a customer’s network. This drives up the value of the SD-WAN offering and satisfies one of the key components that end-customers demand when purchasing SD-WAN products.

Who does Replify work with for VNF solutions?

Replify has worked with a number of top SD-WAN vendors and integrators to ensure the product works seamlessly on a wide range of solutions with minimal effort. By leveraging our software-based heritage, we’ve already been able to deliver value to SD-WAN customers.

Have you got an SD-WAN solution that’s not giving you the performance you need? Are you struggling with applications that are performing poorly? High latency, congestion and bandwidth issues? Contact Replify to inquire about adding Replify’s WAN Optimization.