Are you an SD-WAN vendor or do you have an SD-WAN product that you resell? Are you looking for a WAN optimzation solution that you can offer alongside the SD-WAN product or integrated with? Replify might have just what you’re looking for.

Replify offers its WAN Optimization technology for integration into exiting SD-WAN products in three distinct ways.

1. Off the Shelf Solution

The Replify Accelerator product can be deployed on a variety of platforms meaning that it can be quickly deployed as a virtual network function (VNF) in your solution with minimal changes.

The Replify product is provided as a Debian package, Docker container or a virtual image for a number of hypervisor platforms. Our customers have deployed Replify on a wide variety of these platforms. It’s likely that one of these existing solutions will allow you to get Replify Accelerator up and running as a VNF very quickly.

2. Enhanced Off the Shelf Solution

In many cases, Replify works closely with its partners to reduce the configuration effort required for integration. The flexibility that comes from Replify being a cross-platform, software-based solution allows us to rapidly push out new versions tailored to the customer’s requirements. We also often provide a white labelled product for seamless integration into an existing product suite.

3. Fully Integrated Solution (or OEM)

Replify can provide a deep integration into your product. This package allows you direct access to the experienced Replify engineering team to create a WAN optimization solution that integrates as closely as possible with your solution.

As part of this package you also get access to Replify source code and have the freedom to set your own pricing and licensing terms for the product.

Built from the ground up to be cross-platform, highly configurable and modular, Replify slots into existing solutions with ease. Our proven track record of delivery to SD-WAN vendors, partners and end-users ensures you can rely on Replify to solve your application performance headaches.

If you would like more information about how Replify’s WAN Optimization solution can improve your SD-WAN offering, you can read our website or get in touch with us.