A common question we get asked is “Can you optimize Office 365?”

The answer is ‘yes, we can!’

Generally the question is asked because users are finding services like SharePoint, Teams and OneDrive too slow and unresponsive. This creates frustration within the organisation and sometimes forces users to get around the issues by saving data locally to their device.

As Office 365 has data centres globally, for most users, their data will be hosted close by. For many users though, that isn’t close enough. These could be users who are frequently working remotely, users who are not based at their organization’s main offices, users with poor quality network links or even users who happen to be based at a location that is nowhere near a Microsoft data centre. That can cover quite a high proportion of users within an organiszation!

For these users, latency can be high and download and upload speeds slow. There are many solutions that can assist with these, such as Office 365 CDN (not available to all Office 365 users) or solutions like Repstor Affinity. These can dramatically increase productivity in many corporate scenarios but they don’t work for everyone and that’s where Replify Accelerator comes in.

Using Replify Accelerator to Improve Office 365

So, how can Replify Accelerator help here? Replify Accelerator optimizes the slow link between the Office365 service and the end user. A Replify Virtual Appliance can be easily installed in Azure in a region close to your Office 365 service. The Replify Accelerator Client can be installed directly on your desktop, laptop, tablet or mobile. Alternatively you can install another Replify Virtual Appliance at an office location that can accelerate all Office 365 traffic coming from or going to that office.

Replify Accelerating Office 365

Replify performs HTTPS protocol optimization along with compression, TCP optimization and optionally caching. This will reduce the amount of data going across your network, transfer it optimally for the network conditions, all while maintaining the security of the connection. Response times for many users will be greatly improved, giving a better user experience and more engagement with the organisation’s cloud applications.

Why not get in touch to try Replify Accelerator and see how it can improve your office 365 experience or contact us with any questions?