With Coronavirus continuing to spread, an increasing number of companies are encouraging remote working or working from home. The efforts to contain the virus has been significant and reducing necessary contact or public places is seen as key.

To be productive while working from home, you need to have the correct infrastructure in place and this works very well for those companies (like Replify) who allow their staff to work this way. However in the current environment companies may be asking their employees to self-isolate with very little notice and work on low speed links using applications that aren’t designed to perform well over a WAN etc.

Installing the Replify Accelerator client is very straight-forward and can easily be done by a non-technical employee on their home computer without requiring the assistance of IT support services.

With the Replify Accelerator Client, remote workers can get an experience they’d be used to in their office, even on poor or congested home broadband. With the Replify Accelerator Client, all the acceleration techniques that a Virtual Accelerator Appliance offers at their branch office, or headquarters are available on their home device.

The Replify Accelerator Client can accelerate access to their office, even when used with a VPN connection. By applying WAN Optimization techniques such as caching, compression and protocol optimization, users can see an up to 97% reduction in data transmitted over their connection. This allows remote users to get an ‘in-office’ application experience and reduces delays and costs often associated with remote links.

Get in touch or download a trial to see the benefits the Replify Accelerator Client can bring to your remote workforce during the Coronavirus outbreak.