Replify’s WAN optimization extends all the way to the end-user device. This enables those who rely on a 3G, 4G or 5G connections to reduce data usage and data charges. Using less data also results in a better user experience when interacting with their work applications.

Some of our customers use a 4G dongle or tether to a phone. Some use Replify on a device with a SIM card. In all these cases, the users enjoy the same benefits that they’d get if using Replify on a desktop PC. The Replify Accelerator Client is available on Android, macOS, Windows and Ubuntu.

Companies can avail of Replify by deploying an instance of a Replify Virtual Appliance at the office, data centre or cloud, and then installing the Replify Client on the end-user device. When the end-user accesses data over their connection the Replify Client and Virtual Appliance will work together to reduce the amount of data transmitted. Replify works regardless of the underlying connection.

How Does Replify Reduce Data Costs?

Replify Accelerator’s engine intelligently applies compression, byte caching and protocol optimisation to ensure data being sent on the ‘slow link’ between the user and server is as little as possible. This translates to a reduction in data usage and subsequently less cost per megabyte.

You can input the data cost on the Replify VA and see the how much data costs have been reduced on the ‘Bandwidth Savings’ page.

How Much Data Can Replify Offload?

When Replify reduces data that is be transmitted, it is referred to as ‘offload’. Typically our customers would see at least 50% data offload. For a user seeing 50% offload for example, it would mean that without Replify they may have transferred 5 GB but with Replify it would be 2.5 GB.

Many of our customers see far in excess of 50% offload. 70-80% is common and some customers even see well in excess of 90% offload.

How Can I Find Out More?

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