At Replify, we pride ourselves on providing a flexible WAN optimization solution. When we say flexible, we are referring to the product’s portability. Replify can run on SD-WAN platforms as a VNF; it can be installed stand-alone on a bare-metal Linux distribution; it can be deployed to a number of hypervisors; and it can be installed on a number of client operating systems (Windows, macOS, Android, Ubuntu). But Replify’s flexibility extends further – to its simple and flexible license model.

What do you mean by Flexible License?

Some of our competitors cap the optimization bandwidth or number of connections the system can handle based on a license. With Replify, these are unlimited, regardless of your license. The raw performance and number of connections are limited only by the hardware Replify is deployed on.

As well as simplifying licensing, not being restricted by connection numbers or bandwidths has other benefits. When your organisation grows and more users are added, all that is required is a new Replify license. No hardware or software upgrades. Just a new license key applied to your Replify Enterprise Manager or Replify Virtual Appliance.

How does the Model Work?

Replify’s simple and flexible license model begins with the Replify Virtual Appliance (VA). Every deployment needs one. The VA is the software that is placed close to the application servers you want to optimize. Next, you need something to connect to your VA. This could be another VA in a branch office, or Replify Clients. All you need to do is pay a fixed cost for the number of clients and VAs you need.

Are there No Caps?

None. You can scale up as much as you want and the Replify deployment you paid for on day one can keep giving you results. You are only limited by the hardware you choose to deploy on.

If scaling up substantially, you can deploy multiple VAs at each location, or purchase more clients to connect to the VA. All you pay is a license charge for each client and VA you deploy. No upgrades required.

License for Concurrent Users Only

The model requires a licence for each client that is connected to a VA. To be connected, they have to have their client device switched on. If you have a global organisation, you can deploy a client to each user but only purchase a license for a smaller number of users. Given time zone or working pattern differences, you may find you rarely have all users active at once. This appeals to many of our global enterprise customers and reduces the total cost.

What About Support?

A support payment is required along with the license and scales with the number of VAs or Accelerator Clients in your deployment. While the license fee is a one-off, the support is billed yearly and also entitles you to free Replify software upgrades during the support period.

Where do I get Started?

You can begin with a Free Trial Download or if you’ve more questions please get in touch via our Contact Us page.