With the increase in working from home this can put a stress on links that are typically only used by a small portion of employees at any one time. The sudden surge to support almost an entire workforce means the importance of deploying a solution rapidly to relieve the pressure is critical.

Deploying Replify will dramatically reduce the demand on your link that remote workers place on it. It will also improve the user experience for remote workers by reducing latency, and delivering data faster.

Replify was one of the first-to-market with a software based WAN optimisation product in 2007. From the very start, we have provided a Windows client that can be installed on a laptop or desktop in seconds. Since then, we’ve expanded to offer solutions for Android, macOS and Ubuntu.

Where do I start?

With a trial download. First, deploy a Replify Virtual Appliance (VA) in your data center, headquarters, cloud or local office – as long as it’s close to where the application servers are. Next you can distribute the Replify Client installer to all those working from home. Add the application server IP address to the Replify VA and finally add the Replify VA IP to the client. Now any time a client requests data from that application server, it will go through the local Replify client and be optimised.

What level of performance could I get?

In some cases, you can see bandwidth savings of up to 97%. These benefits are possible thanks to Replify Accelerator’s byte caching, compression and protocol optimization. The benefits vary depending on application traffic, and user behaviour. Typically you should expect levels in excess of 50%. That’s a lot of pressure relieved on your link.

Who are Replify’s customers?

Replify has also been providing an off-the-shelf solution since 2007. Replify has also been providing a bespoke software based solution to OEMs since 2010. In that time, we have sold to companies large and small, with varying challenges. From a 30,000 client education network to a 10 appliance offshore marine application, we have amassed years of knowledge and expertise and created a mature, robust and successful product. See our Case Studies for more information on our deployments.

What about SSL/TLS?

If you have the certificate and private keys of the server, they can be safely loaded onto the Replify VA in the branch or data centre. Rest assured, the key will never leave the VA, and is not passed to remote clients, or other Replify VAs. If you don’t have access to the private keys, your organisation can trust the Replify VA as a CA and accelerate connections to cloud services.

What if there are two or more locations that remote workers need to access?

You can deploy a VA in each location where there are servers that remote workers are accessing. The IP addresses of those VAs can be added to each client, and they will get acceleration.

How does Replify work with VPNs?

VPNs operate at a lower-level in the network stack than Replify. Remote users connect to the VPN as normal, and Replify runs on top of it, so all Replify traffic is sent through the VPN. No extra configuration is required.

I have a lot of users working from home, can I use group policy?

You can deploy to client devices using group policy. You can also use a Replify Enterprise Manager to manage which Virtual Appliances remote users can access, to provide a centralised point for to statistics and reports, and to manage licenses.

I used Office 365 with Teams, Outlook and SharePoint. Does Replify work with that?

Yes. By deploying a Replify VA in Azure, the VA can accelerate connections to all those services and provide excellent offload.

Where do I start again?

You can easily get trial download links for Replify virtual machines. The Accelerator Client installer can be downloaded from the Replify web GUI and deployed to client machines or you can complete the form on the website to have the links emailed.

More questions?

If you’ve any more questions about using Replify Accelerator to help with working from home, or anything else about what Replify could do for you, just use our Contact Us form and we’ll get back to as soon as we can.