Rozy Corry, the CEO of Replify has been featured on the SyncNI’s website under the Tech Trailblazer section.

Rozy was always interested in computers and all things technical when growing up. Taking things apart and putting them back together and fixing things that were broken was a normal occurrence. Therefore it was no surprise she went on to study Electrical and Electronic Engineering at Queens University in Belfast.

From here she went on to become a test engineer for Nortel Networks. She then went onto Schrader Electronics where she travelled the world fitting tyre sensors and driving fast cars around tracks. A dream come true for someone who’s other passion was anything with an engine.

After leaving Schrader she went to Audio Processing Technology and again travelled the world installing and troubleshooting audio codecs. Originally this was as a test engineer but she then was promoted to Product Manager. This eventually led to Rozy taking a Product Manager role at Replify in 2012.

Replify was slightly different to any of the previous companies she worked for as they only produce software and not hardware. This is something that the Replify team are proud of and that is one of the Replify Accelerator product’s unique selling points.

Rozy quickly settled into the team and took over the CEO role in 2015. This is obviously a non-technical role, but she still keeps an eye on what’s happening with the product, gets stuck into testing and is quick to give her opinion on any new features.

You can read more about the Replify team on our website.

I thoroughly enjoy working at Replify as the team are very talented and great to work with. It’s great to see the WAN Optimization software improving so many customers’ networks, both increasing speed across the WAN for applications like Office 365 but also reducing the data used. This is especially great for satellite users and those on low bandwidth links.

Having the remote clients available for end user machines means that we can optimize network connections right to people’s houses when they are working from home. It’s great to be able to help these users.

Rozy Corry