Software Release Version 6.0

We are delighted to announce a new major software release, Replify Accelerator version 6.0.0 The main features are:

  • Performance improvements, particularly when accelerating TLS connections without SSL optimization enabled
  • Stability improvments when system is under load
  • Enhanced configuration options around TLS configuration
  • Newer Linux distribution, compression, connection handling and logging frameworks

However, we’ve a number of smaller, but still important features.  The release also includes a number of important bug-fixes. For full details on all the changes, check out the release notes.

We invite customers and partners to upgrade from any version that is 5.2.1 or later to this release. If you have a version before 5.2.1 just drop us an email. Existing customers should contact Replify Support before upgrading to get the activation code for 6.0.

Remote Working

The Replify Accelerator product will improve performance for your remote & mobile users accessing items across the WAN, perhaps in the cloud or just when working from home.

Replify Accelerator client software is available for Windows, Ubuntu, MacOS and Android – its easy to install and get up and running.

Why not contact us if you have any questions about our technology or how it might help your business or your end customers?